Established in 2000, the Krewe of Morpheus is named for the Greek god of dreams. We are a diverse group of men and women with a nationwide membership! Our membership consists of New Orleanians and Californians; folks from North Carolina, Chicago, New Jersey, Texas and Florida.

Past Royalty & Themes

XXI2024Mr. Lloyd BeckettMrs. Elaine BeckettMorpheus Celebrates N’awlins
XX2023Mr. L. Thomas McClungMs. Judith DeFraitesMorpheus Dreams of a Tune
XIX2022Mr. Billy Ray McKennaMrs. Rana Bekeris RutanMorpheus Dreams of the Good Life
2021Carnival was cancelled due to COVID-19. The Krewe did not parade.
XVIII2020Mr. Jacques LeGrandMs. Shari FisherMorpheus Dreams of Aquatic Adventures
XVII2019Mr. Christian CancienneMiss Angel CancienneDream Destinations
XVI2018Mr. Blake ErskinMrs. Brittanie BreauxMorpheus Goes WILD!
XV2017Mr. Steven (Rock) RuizMrs. Marcey RuizMorpheus Takes a Gamble
XIV2016Mr. Philip Hull-McClungMiss Sabrina HibbenMorpheus Takes a Staycation
XIII2015Mr. Billy MooreMiss Caroline MooreFreaky Friday
XII2014Mr. Philip SongyMiss Kristina PercleMorpheus Cruises the Streets of NOLA
XI2013Mr. Emilio GonzalesMiss Alicia AucoinFriday Night at the Movies
X2012Mr. Paul LemanMrs. Anita MalloryLouisiana Treasures
IX2011Mr. Silky SullivanMrs. Linda Springer Morpheus Sings a Tune
VIII2010Mr. George PlentzasMrs. Cindy CarringerDreams of the Classics
VII2009Mr. Jason TullosMs. Sharonda WilliamsHeavenly Dreams
VI2008Mr. Jerry McGaugheyMiss Gwen GoudeauCrescent City Dreams
V2007Mr. Ray AndersonMrs. Carla NesbitDreams of Carnival
2006Dreams of Travel – No royalty was selected post Hurricane Katrina
IV2005Mr. Les FalgoutMrs. Gail MorelChildhood Dreams
III2004Mr. Antoni WilcoxMrs. Karen TorvinoRoyal Dreams
II2003Mr. Joey LeBlancMs. Susan PondMorpheus Treasures
I2002Mr. L. Thomas McClungMs. Bethany LemoineReality of Dreams


Morpheus, The Primordial Greek god of dreams.  He shaped and formed the dreams, through which he could appear to mortals in any form.  This talent made Morpheus  a messenger of the gods able to communicate divine messages to sleeping mortals. Though he could take any human form, Morpheus’s true form was that of a winged demon. He was the son of Hypnos (God of Sleep) and Pasithea (Goddess of relaxation and rest). 

The phrase ” in the arms of Morpheus” means to be asleep. Mortals  would enjoy a sound sleep, but would also dream about their future or even coming events. Morpheus was the dream messenger of the Gods, communicating the divine messages through images and stories, created as dreams.  

Morpheus was the leader of the Oneiroi (Dreams), and he and his brothers were the personified spirits of dreams. Phobetor created phobic or scary dreams. Phantasus created unreal or phantasmic dreams. What set Morpheus apart from his brothers as his ability to influence the dreams of Gods, heroes and Kings. 

Morpheus appears in the poet Ovid’s Metamorphosis. He is also likely the unnamed dream spirit in Homer’s Iliad that delivers a message from Zeus to King Agamemnon. 

Morpheus slept in a cave full of poppy seeds while shaping mortal dreams. This could be the reason why the opium-based medication for severe pain is known as Morphine. 

Overseeing the dream of mortals made Morpheus one of the busiest deities. He didn’t have a wife but some interpretations would have seen him paired with Iris, another messenger of the Gods and the personification of rainbows.

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